Designing behavioural change

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Madita Morgenstern-Antao

  • Product Design Studies at the HfG_ OF University of Art and Design Offenbach, Studied Industrial Design, Architecture and Management at the National Taipei University of Technology – Graduated as a Designer with Honours.

  • Focus in teaching, research and design : Designing impact-driven change, with a Human Center approach. Lecturer for Intercultural Design, Sustainable design & Design Thinking at different Universities.

  • Founder and Creative Director of IDEASEIN, a company for sustainable design innovations based in Berlin and Bombay. Working on strategic and product design innovations around the UN SDGs with a focus on sustainable innovation design, impact monitoring and evaluation, human-object interaction and intercultural adaptivity.

  • Consultant – Human Centred Design and Design Thinking: Strategic and design consultancy collaborating with NGOs and social organizations focusing on production, durability and end-user acceptance


Physical Engagement- Empowerment

Berlin, Germany-Since November 2017
#Social interaction #behavioral change #Design innovation #Social collaboration #self Empowerment #social interaction #rehabilitation #medical product

MAZUBELT is an innovative swimming assistant designed especially for adults making the experience of learning, coping and training in water safe and easy, regardless of your age, and skill level, for rehabilitation, training or safety.

Design Solutions

Mumbai, India - June 2017 - March 2018
#HFG offenbach Material Intervention, #behavioral change, #Design engagement with local craftsman, #Human object interaction.

Together with India's biggest pottery company in asia's largest slum, we developed a pottery tool out of a sustainable material with boost the productivity and enables ergonomic handling while hand producing large quantities.


Equatorial Guinea -August 2017
#HFG offenbach #bösöpe #material intervention #sustainable Building #knowledge sharing #Design engagement with local craftsmen and farmers #community,

A week long workshop with local craftsmen and farmers about the relevance and design purpose and benefits of using bamboo as a suitable material to strengthen the local community .

Production Improvement

Taipei, TaiwanMay 2019 - August 2019
#Sustainable production #Design intervention #behavioral change,

After examining the current production process of float blocks, in a foam producing factory we minimize the plastic waste production due to small changes in the production to one third.

Sustainable Building

Auroville, IndiaFeb 2016 - March 2016
#aurovill bamboocenter #Material Intervention # suitable building #Local craftsman engagement #0 carbon construction #dry squat toilet

The 36 sqm house including a dry toilet unit was made entirely from locally available bamboo. The walls were covered with a mixture of clay, lime, mud, coconut fibre and cow dung which on drying makes the structure resistant to insects, rain and heat resulting in an eco-friendly community home.

Social Design Consulting

Nicaragua, Ghana, India, Equatorial GuineaNov. 2017 - present

Consulting NGOs and organisations on the relevance of using human -objekt centered design and implementing sustainable design solutions to reach the UN Sustainability goal No 6 though smart innovations in tight collaboration with the local community, knowledge and customs.

Knowledge exchange

Kyoto, JapanApril 2017 - may 2017
#Material Innovation #Research Project #understanding local craftsman #customs and Techniques #0 carbon Construction and Production

With the local knowledge and anyient techniques together with modern designs and outlook we create an intercultural exchange of techniques and mutually beneficial futur leading design possibilities.

Publications and Talks

Relief in public -Solutions with a focus on the design in Germany-Diploma Publication

Notdurft in der Öffentlichkeit –Gestalterische Lösungen mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Deutschen Design

A Design historic essey about public toilets through history and across cultures, from the stone-age till modern times.

October 2016

Podcast Of the German Designer Club What is good ?

was ist gut ? "Social design in practice-

Madita talks about projects in Northern India, where she is involved in the construction of sustainable sanitation facilities in cooperation with local NGOs.

Design has a great influence on our existence and living together. It is not possible to go on as before and will inevitably plunge us into the next crisis. How can we rethink design?

DDCAST 04 - Madita Morgenstern Antao „Soziales Design in der Praxis“

August 2020



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